Matryoshka Diana Perazzo

Hello – I am Matryoshka, a russian doll that is made up of different nested layers.

Well, not really. My name is Diana Perazzo and I am a Russian-born american. Traditionally,  a set of Matryoshkas is made in some theme. Mine is my interests. The pages of this blog represent my layers. My ultimate passion and interest is Marketing, I am one semester away from getting my BS in Marketing from UNR.

For the past 2 years I have been a member of the student chapter of American Marketing Association, one year as a President. As a President I learned event organization and marketing, club management and financing, and member relations. The accomplishments that I am the most proud of is our participation in the National Case Competition, getting an Honorable Mention for the marketing plan we wrote, and our trip to the conference in New Orleans.

Now I hold a position of Associate Marketing Director at Inkblot, a graphic design studio that is sponsored by Associated Students of University of Nevada. In this position I am responsible for both promoting ASUN events and Inkblot services to the students and organizations of UNR. Prior to this, I worked as a Publicity Coordinator for 2010 student elections, which gave me the chance to explore my creativity and be noticed by my present awesome boss and co-workers.

In my free time I dance Russian folk, write poems (in Russian), go camping, read, or, otherwise, just have fun. Fun for me ranges from going to the bar with my friends to visiting an art gallery with my mom. Fun also equals to any new experience.

Welcome to my blog, be comfortable and, please, enjoy. I only ask you to forgive me for any grammar or spelling mistakes as I am in the constant process of learning my second language – English.