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UNR is going to Orlando IMC competition

This year IMC competition class worked on State Farm integrated marketing campaign. The challenge was to raise awareness among 18-25 year olds, keep in mind the diversity and raise awareness about property insurance.

I started dreaming about this class 2 years ago. Finally, a senior, I got selected to be a part of it. First, not everyone gets to take it. Students are chosen from both Journalism and Marketing departments and have to go through an interview process. The professor has to personally approve you. Both me and my boyfriend got in. He, in fact, is one of the presenters of the case.

On the first day of class Bob Felten told us that we will cry and laugh, and work hard, and become friends for the rest of our lives. I learned that it was absolutely true. No other class ever caused me so much stress, and anxiety, and, yes, tiers. But no other class ever gave me so much joy and opportunity. Our team has won the district competition, now moving on to the National competition in Orlando (in 3 days!). We came up with the plan for State Farm and put it all out into a beautiful book, that I get to keep.

Marketing students, if you want to learn more in college, take a Competition class (of course, if your school has one).


UNR IMC team

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