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Bump – New Hot Social Media?

I read about his new Social Media just this morning and found it extremely cool.

What is bump

Bump was born in August of 2009 and it is a platform for drivers. Stuck on the road and want to communicate with the driver in front of you? All you need to do is send a message to the driver’s license plate! If that driver is not on Bump yet, they will receive a message when they claim their plate. Bump enables communication not only through license plates, but also through physical addresses, online profiles and mobile phones. As the authors put it, Bump enables “reverse communication marketing and profiling”.

What it is for

  1. You can use Bump to let fellow drivers know that their headlights are off, Gas Pump handle still in the car or the blinker is on.
  2. Car parked right next to your office and its alarm is going off? Just Bump the car owner.
  3. Someone in the parking garage left their Headlights on – let the owner know to check the car.
  4. You think the cute guy/girl driving right next to you is your life match? Take a picture of their license plate and seal the deal!

How to Bump

Send a message to “license plate number”@bump.com, where “license plate number “ is the actual plate number of a driver.

Bump for Marketing

How can you use Bump for your business?  Idea for Radio Remotes:  Go to DMV and get a license plate with your Business’s name and claim it on Bump. Ask those attending the event to send you a message on Bump to enter into a sweepstake.

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