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Hot and trendy Gilt!

Gilt is on fire! Some say they will pull $400 million in sales in 2010. The big idea behind this site is that it offers luxury brands and hand-selected styles always at the discounted prices

What makes the Gilt.com so irresistible? Well, you are getting a great deal on every single product, that are normally priced much higher. Gil takes the SHOPPING experience to the true meaning of shopping.

But that is not it. Gilt provides adrenalin and excitement. Once you put a product in your shopping cart, it will stay there only for 10 minutes. That means, if you do not buy it, somebody else will. And you can be sure they will because Gilt let customers stand in line for product that are already in shopping carts. No pressure…

Website also makes you feel exclusive – to become a member you need to get an invitation from an existing member. “Makes you feel exclusive” are the key words – there are tons of ways around it. Just a couple of days ago I saw them advertise on one of the websites I visited – I bet you would not need an invitation in that case. Well in case you don’t see online ads for them, here is an invite from me – http://www.gilt.com/invite/dianaperazzo.

Each day members get an email telling them about the upcoming sales. You can even download Gilt clock from the website, so you will never miss the promotion. This adds to the experience. “There is a clock? Oh, there is a strategy other customers use to buy products. That means this website is important.”

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