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Let’s talk about value

Value to me is getting more for the price I pay than just that price. As a millenial, I browse websites, check product reviews, and compare prices before I visit a brick store. When I make my final decision, I already have expectations for the product performance. But how delighted I am if the product exceeds my expectations!

A lot of times marketers go all in with product advertising. That is when it is hit or miss. Consumers may expect a lot, but get less. On the other hand, consumers may expect a lot and get just what they expected. It is so hard these days to exceed their expectations. Why? Because advertisement tells them all about the product.

Good news – there is a fix to this problem. Don’t give away all your cards! Just let them find some things out on their own.


  1. Serve a free muffin at a breakfast restaurant.
  2. Put a free sample in a bag (don’t tell, let it be a surprise when a customer gets home)

I recently came across the website of women’s magazine All You. This magazine definitely brings value to it’s customers. Daily free samples, coupons, budget-friendly ideas and giveaways. Not only they know their customers – they bring value to them every day! And they get people hooked. Oh, and their tagline is Enjoy Life for Less. Are they staying true to their promise? I believe so. They could just offer free suggestions for less-expensive fashion, meals and healthcare, but they offer so much more. All those coupons and free daily samples are value. Moreover, customers don’t expect that. I believe All You is the best example of how you can delight your customers.

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