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Case Study: ASUN Facebook Page

Case Study: ASUN Facebook Page

This page was launched I believe in April 2010, just before I started working with Inkblot. Now, 8 months later, we have 1,600 fans. We still have lots of growth opportunities, but looking back at our page with just about 50 fans, I feel that we came a long way.

What did we do to promote it? Well, word of mouth is your friend. With about 100 employees it was easy to spread the word. My personal favorite was ordering fridge magnets with our logo and Facebook link and distributing it everywhere on campus, including the residence halls. We go to different events put by ASUN and take pictures of the attendees and give them those Facebook magnets to find their pictures on our page.

Of course, we have a link to our page on our website and in every employee’s email signature. We also ordered a lamp banner with the same look as the fridge magnet. A key here is that even if students don’t remember exact URL, they will at least know that we have a Facebook Page and once they get home they will try to find it. Besides, our page is really easy to remember http://www.facebook.com/NevadaASUN

We also have 10 TV Monitors in different areas of campus, we placed this screed ad on those screens as well. Every single piece of publicity that goes out from Inkblot has the link on it. This coming semester we are planning on printing a big banner and hanging it over the staircase in the student union. That sure is to get a lot of attention.

So … just a bit about campus publicity for those who work on campuses, too.

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