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Constant contact – learn with me

I like to stay ahead of the curve and normally do. I don’t refer to myself as to a “Know-all” marketing specialist, rather a savvy student that catches new ideas fast. But I did not with this one! During the last class presentation for a local restaurant I felt a bit behind. This is when I heard of Constant Contact for the first time! And now I am on their website learning of what they have to offer.

Email marketing.

  • Tools to create email campaigns. Choose from designs and customize it with your information. You can also view and analyze results and use them
  • You are also given a “Join my newsletter” box that you can place at your website. If you already have a list of contact, you can easily export them.
  • Email archive lets your customers look at all past emails you had. Can also add “View our archive” box to your website.
  • Prices start at $15 with no limit of the amount of emails you can send. Try their 60 day trial for free!

Event marketing.

  • Set up your event with getting started box. You enter your event details here. Constant contact can set up an easy pay option with Pay Pal. You can also cap the number of attendees and record their meal preferences. Constant Contact lets you customize registration form.
  • Now publish and promote your event:  You can get your event homepageand send professional looking email invitations.
  • When registered customers get email conformation.
  • You can track your event’s progress with the tools provided, such as how many people registered, how many opened your invitation, etc.
  • Prices are also $15 per month with a free 60 day trial.

Online Surveys.

  • You can choose from over 40 customizable themes
  • Constant Contact gives you tools to create the surveys
  • You can analyze the results with the reports
  • Again, $15 per month and 60 day free trial

Note: Pretty much looks like Survey Monkey. However, Survey Monkey only lets you ask 10 questions for free and analyzes 100 responses. You can use Constant Contact for free for 60 days and get the full service. Also, Pro service on Survey Monkey costs more that $15.

Social Media.

  • Constant Contact lets you create a post only once and post it to several social media at the same time
  • Get NutshellMail that would tell you all about what is being said about your business on the web
  • Social Stats feature measures tweets about your emails, discussions on LinkedIn, and shares on Facebook and much more
  • Social Buzz is a feature on your email letting customers to spread the word about your company
  • “Follow me” icons available for your emails
  • Social Media marketing templates – looks amazing. I see it used once or twice only, though – just to let your customers know that you have Social Media pages. Otherwise, your customers might get overwhelmed by inofrmation

Personal coaching.

  • Free coaching is available via phone, email, online chat, FAQ’s no matter if you are a client or on 60 day trial.


  • Make sure to follow their blog. Just from glancing over it for a minute I learned one new thing (Hashtag anyone?)
  • Trends, ideas, case studies, news and much more – all about marketing!


  • I would say this is purely marketing social network, where you can share ideas, get answers and learn how others become successful
  • You can use this community to get more customers – via directory listing
  • You get to be in this community if you are a Constant Contact Customer (60 day trial is included)


  • Find service marketing/design/management service providers in one place
  • Find applications for your business needs

Constant Contact also has seminars in 18 cities in the U.S. (not in Reno, though) and 2 in Canada. I am already liking what they have to offer and wich I knew about them about a month ago before I analyzed survey results for my IMC competition with SPSS!

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