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Hashtag – Learn with me

Although I opened my Twitter account over a year ago, I believe I am still new to Twitter. However, after one amazing AMA Speaker Bret Simmons came to our luncheon, I am learning both blogging and posting on Twitter. Last week I learned a new word – Hashtag. I did my research and now I am ready to say I know what it is. I also organized this information in a way that would be easy for you to read and process.


A #prefix to a tweet word, which basically means that the word with a prefix is a common topic that could be easily searched for and found on the web.

How to use

  • Simply place # before your word.
  • Research at http://tagal.us/ if your topic already has a hashtag and then use the existing one.
  • Pick creative name under 10 characters
  • Only use it for valuable information

Good uses

Conferences and events –  Give your conference a hashtag. For example, #sphones for your Smart Phones Conference. Conference attendees then can find each other and learn useful information. Remind attendees of your hashtag through every media used. For those who do not use Twitter or are not familiar with hashtags, provide a Website Widget that displays the conversations (Use Twitgrid).

Polls – You can ask people to post their opinion followed by a hashtag.

Contest – I actually participated in one. One of the Fashion Magazines asked to tweet about my favorite designer followed by #favdesigner (just an example). At a certain date all who tweeted with the hashtag were entered into a drawing.

  1. December 10, 2010 at 2:43 am

    This is great! I was trying to learn twitter and this helps a lot :)!
    Thank you Diana!

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