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Improve your Facebook page – Learn with me

Learn with me: Improve your Facebook page

Have you ever wondered how some companies have A-ma-zing looking pages? I have. So I learned several techniques to improve your page and here they are:

  1. PageRage Facebook Themes.

Remember the scins MySpace had (when we used it)? Well, you can do the same with your Facebook page. I am not saying you should, this App will only work if you already have an established brand colors and emages. If, however, you don’t, then do not use this application. If we overuse it on Facebook, then it will end up like MySpace.

  1. Docs.

This one is phenomenal! While it would not work as Google Docs (don’t attempt using Facebook docs for group projects), this App is great for sharing your portfolio or a Resume. Also, you need to know that the uploaded document willnot be embedded into you page, the user will be redirected to docs.com to view your information.

  1. Link to Twitter

This App is great if you don’t want to post the information twice: to FB and Twitter. Go to Facebook/twitter to connect the pages.

  1. RSS Graffiti.

I use this one. This Application pulls new posts from your blog into your Facebook feed as they appear on your blog. Just go to Facebook/RSS.graffiti to get it.

  1. Static FBML

Ever noticed those nice custom tabs that some business pages have? Well, it is easy to make one with FBML. Add Static FBML to your applications, then choose to use it for your page. After it is added, go to your settings and click to edit it. You can change the name of the tab and add your own design or images. All you need is upload your design into photobucket and then copy html text into your FBML. If you would like to add any text,you would need to code it with HTML, some basic coding knowledge is enough. I did it, trust me, you can too!

  1. ShortStack.

I haven’t used this one myself, but heard that Peppermill is using it. So check it out on Facebook/chortstacklab.

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