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Learn with me – Social Media Strategy

This semester my MKT 495 class had a challenge to come up with an integrated marketing campaign for a local casual dining restaurant. It is no news for anyone that during this economy consumers are looking for deals. With the popularity of such websites as Living Social, Groupon and others, consumers can arrange their restaurant trips in a way that they would not have to even pay a full price. Add to that specials restaurants offer during Happy Hours, and here comes a recipe for tasty lasagna paired with a recipe for disaster.

On the day of the presentation every team spoke about offering deals and promotions, including the team I was in. From Happy Hour specials to Day-of-the-week specials, we offered it all only to find out later that week from the client that she does not want to make the place look cheap. And this is when I got reminded (again) that marketing is not about offering a cheaper deal – it is about eliminating the “selling” part by making customers fall in love with you and your product.


One of the tactics we introduced was to create Facebook Business Page and update fans about deals and promotions. However, when all you do is post on your page about discounts, then you will only get online community to come to your place when you have those discounts. So what I learned today is a way to revamp your Social Media strategy. Here it comes…


Create really personal experience on your page. Introduce an owner, let fans know what the owner’s personality is, what he/she likes to do and anything interesting about this person. Let them know the owner’s face. Why is that important? Well, imagine you are the owner of a small local restaurant and you are shopping for groceries. One person recognizes you from the video they have seen on Facebook (any other social media) and tells his/her friend that you are an owner of that restaurant. Here is their possible conversation:

–       Oh, that’s an owner of “Little Joe’s”

–       Really? I never been there!

–       You should go, the food is great and the owner loves wine, so they really have a great wine-selection!

You can also give customers a peak in the kitchen. Introduce the Chef, after all, Chef’s talent should be celebrated, show how food masterpieces are made and decorated, and share your expertise in food-making and administrative process. When you convince your customers that you are an expert that is when they will share their wallets’ contents with you!


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